Wednesday, September 28, 2011

nandI mukhI


असहाय मेघो इव आटम्
प्लवतर्योऽद्रीनाम् मध्ये
सहसा तदा अपश्यन्
सरोवरतटे तथा तरूणाम् अधो
समीरे लुटन्ति नट्यन्ति च ।

प्रसिद्ध कवे: रचना एषा । कस्य?


Venetia Ansell said...

Good one - that well known Sanskrit poet Wordsworth
I'm trying to work out how daffodil becomes nandImukhI...

Vasu Srinivasan said...


Yes, it is! its a translation of first stanza of daffodils. By wiki, daffodils is Narcissus plant which means 'sleep' in greek. I just looked for an attractive translation of 'sleep' and spokensanskrit has nandImukhI as a synonym. I don't know whether if it is right, and I couldn't find the exact sanskrit equivalent of daffodils either.

अश्वमित्रः said...