Friday, February 15, 2013

Yamunotrii 2013 v3.0

So its Spring time again in Austin! Well there was practically no winter this time. Its been Spring weather all January and all jiva-raashin's around here seem to be thoroughly confused about the weather pattern. We, humans blame the global warming. And the animals and trees are blaming the humans.

But the Texas Samskrita Bharati folks couldn't be bothered. Yamunotrii is releasing its 3rd version in the end of first quarter of 2013 (Mar 29, 2013) and we hope, like software releases, could make a much bigger impact than our previous releases. We have learnt a lot, both in and from the previous camps. Whether it is the pressure of organizing a non-profit event, joy of sharing knowledge, learning from some of the best teachers, pride of getting back to one's roots via Samskritam, enjoying timely spicy food and filtered coffee,  poking fun in the creative skits, wondering at the stars of the dark night skies  or simply hanging out with friends and families than doing anything better - it has been part of the memory now.

Come monday, most of us in the office face one question from anybody around - "How was your weekend?" and the replies are pretty much standard "Twas ok", "Twas fun", "Nothing much" or "Crazy". Well, how about this one Monday, Apr 1st 2013, you could say "I did something I never ever did in my life! I spoke in Samskritam for one whole weekend". Sounds Fun and Crazy? It is possible.

Version 3.0 promises to be fresher with volunteers coming up with creating ways of engaging people and making understand the importance of Samskritam in our day-to-day life. Its really a hard question to answer and at the end of it all, there is only word: passion.

Learning Samskritam is two-edged benefit. You learn for your own benefit and Samskritam benefits from you learning it and enriching it in turn. That's how languages develop and survive.

There have been students who accidentally sat in my beginner's class, or just curious to come and watch what's going on - and went on to complete the correspondence courses and become familiar with Siddhanta Kaumudi or see a different face of Patanjali.

Well one thing is for sure. There is no better time than now to learn Samskritam. There is no proper time than now, that Samskritam needs you.

Your support to Samskritam will make a difference. To YOU. To your Family. To Samskritam.

For more details visit and follow links to Yamunotrii 2013.

Here is a very thought-provoking writeup by my friend and fellow volunteer Srini Raghavan, straight from the heart.

by Srini Raghavan, Austin, Feb 2013

Sometimes, by accident or by design, opportunity strikes that can enrich your life and strengthen your wish. The wish can be transformed in to a meaningful journey with a reachable destination- provided you have support and education. When you get both in a fun-filled, joyous and a friendly environment, it can become a savoring moment to share with your friends and family. If it is taken to a higher level, it can be a life changing experience altogether.

With the Spring coming soon, we are having a Samskritam Family weekend camp coming soon.

This is a rare chance be a character in the revival story of your own language "Samskritam" ; and have a good time along the way without shedding a drop of sweat ! Please do not miss the fun and regret.  Reward yourself by trying something different from the mundane activities of visiting malls, shopping for groceries, watching TV ,attending potlucks or parties.

Let us make an attempt to answer a few questions that some of you might have now.

It is quite common to see many people living far-away from their homeland feel the need of a strong cultural support system - which they can call their own. Language is the path that provides an access to cultural heritage- be it material, intellectual or spiritual. Samskritam is the path that makes the  journey safe and enjoyable.

Any language that is more than a mere collection of sound symbols has the power to give an individual- his own identity. Come and join us to become aware of what is yours.  Speak in  Samskritam,  a language where each word is packed with knowledge, beauty, precision and represents the finest aspect of a glorious civilization.  When you speak, think, play and embrace your own language as yours, it is like a lost child returning to one's own mother. Give her a hug, who is waiting for you with hope. She has been yours forever. Come back and take your mother with you, without abandoning her.

That is when identity fuels honorable and happy existence.

We are sure that even a glimpse of such experience is of significant value to those living in a diversified or in a melting-pot environment. There is a risk of losing oneself; or just be that one amorphous foggy entity who goes unnoticed ; or be lost in the multitude of differences and become just another unidentifiable particle of huge melting pot.

Samskritam is a uniting force against disintegration and a binding glue for integration. Use it to be who you want to be.

All of you are cordially invited.

Some of  you have attended the camp before. You know how good it is and we welcome you again to offer you even better experience.

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